The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel

The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel - Maureen Lindley Maureen Lindley's "The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel" is a novel based on the life of Eastern Jewel, a cousin of China's last emperor (Pu Yi). She is sent to live in Japan by her father and eventually becomes a spy for the Japanese army during that country's occupation of China.Eastern Jewel is what Victorian novelists sometimes called an adventuress, stepping outside of the traditional, accepted roles for women in her culture. She cuts her hair short, wears trousers and boots, and takes lovers when the whim strikes her. In Lindley's hands, this real-life princess becomes a person of depth and considerable loneliness: she becomes a far more sympathetic character than history makes her out to be.Fans of well-researched historical fiction are sure to enjoy this outing.(Review based on advance reading copy.)