Darkness Brings The Dawn: Erik's Story

Darkness Brings the Dawn: Erik's Story - Jodi Leisure Minton The nicest thing I can say about this book is that she was very brave to publish it. I quit reading after four chapters, other than a desultory flip-through to the end.In this tale, Erik takes up with a woman who is initially described as being so "wafe-like" [sic:] that he thinks she's a 10-year-old boy ... but mere pages later, she has full, sensuous breasts that are driving him mad (and somehow hid her thick, waist-length red hair under a beret). She also is described as an "expert rider," although the author does not appear to know that an "expert rider" would not take a horse from a walk directly to a swift canter. Horses are bay on one page and grey on the next. Furthermore, the author does not understand French contractions: "La Opera Populaire" vice "l'opera Populaire" is just one example. The seaport of LeHavre is alternately spelled LeHarve', LeHarve and LeHarvre, often on the same page.The aforementioned desultory flip-through netted me the following information: Monique (the "wafe-like" girl), nicknamed Bonnie, becomes addicted to laudanum after one dose and Erik has to detox her. She also somehow manages to bear Erik 14 children without complication by the end of the book, despite being so "wafe-like" that she can be mistaken for a prepubescent male (other than her enormous bosoms, apparently).This whole thing really is too ridiculous for words. The author would have done well to spend the extra money to have an editor, or at least a beta reader, to help correct errors in spelling and fact. Even using her spell-check would have been helpful.