Drawing in the Dust

Drawing in the Dust - Zoe Klein Zoe Klein's "Drawing in the Dust" starts off at Megiddo, with archaeologist Page Brookstone examining yet another set of infant remains and being somewhat dissatisfied with her lot. Enter Ibrahim and Naima, who have been visiting every archaeology site in the area to talk about the ghosts in their home. Dismissed as kooks by all and sundry, Ibrahim and Naima refuse to be dissuaded in their quest. Even Page sends them away, but then her curiosity gets the best of her. This curiosity leads her to an amazing archaeological find with tremendous implications: a coffin containing two intertwined skeletons and a jar with a previously unknown scroll by a female scribe named Anatiya."Drawing in the Dust" is about more than Biblical archaeology. It touches on issues of Arab/Israeli/American relations, the nature of love, and even the nature of humanity. Klein's prose is elegant without being turgid. She draws beautiful pictures with her words. This book was a joy to read.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)