Just Raoul Adventures In the French Resistance

Just Raoul: Adventures in the French Resistance - James Bacque "Just Raoul" is the story of Raoul Laporterie, one of the most active members of the French Resistance during WWII. He was responsible for transporting hundreds of Jewish men, women and children to safety across the lines of Vichy France, using his influence as mayor of his town and a well-known and respected businessman to convince German officials that his business and his passengers were all legitimate.Laporterie's family and friends aided him in his work during the Occupation and even after, as he sought to assist German soldiers and prisoners of war who were grossly mistreated by a French policy of revenge once liberation was complete.The book is based on interviews with Laporterie, his family and friends, as well as their collective archives of letters, official papers and the like. There are some graphic and disturbing descriptions of life under the Vichy government and the post-war period, but I think they are important to an improved understanding of Laporterie's unsung heroism.