Hong Kong: A Jake Grafton Novel

Hong Kong: A Jake Grafton Novel - Stephen Coonts Until I was about halfway through this book, I kept wondering whether I had read it before. To be fair, I've been a fan of the Jake Grafton novels since they were introduced to me by a naval aviator boyfriend some 20 years ago, so it's entirely possible that I read this book when it first came out in 2000. It's also possible thqt the plot just seemed familiar.In any event, now Rear Admiral Jake Grafton is in Hong Kong to check up on his former bombardier/navigator Virgil "Tiger" Coles, the consul general. The official reason put forth is that Grafton's wife, Callie, is attending a conference for educators, and Grafton is along for the ride and just wants to see his old buddy.Well, the reason he's been sent to see his former squad mate is that the State Department (correctly) believes that Coles is involved with a group of revolutionaries. Further related problems involve Callie being kidnapped because she has translated a tape from a bugged room where a man was murdered, a newspaper family dealing with censorship, and a run on the main bank in Hong Kong.Not one of the best books in the Grafton series, but still an entertaining and well-written read.