The Fund

The Fund - Wes Demott "The Fund" was recommended to me by a friend. If I had seen it in the book store, I would have passed it by as "not my thing" -- but I'm glad I took my friend's suggestion.Peter Jamison, the protagonist, is a high-ranking employee with a defense contractor. His project is scrapped and his entire team about to be laid off as a result. When he decides to go to bat for their jobs, he discovers a shadow organization funded by cost overruns from canceled projects -- and operating at the highest levels of government. Soon, his life is in danger as he delves further into the matter.Author Wes Demott (a former FBI agent) has put more twists and turns into the plot than you'd find in the Chartres labyrinth. It holds your attention from the first page, and the ending is completely unexpected. Recommended for fans of espionage novels.