Scarpetta - Patricia Cornwell Patricia Cornwell's latest entry in the Kay Scarpetta series (named after both the protagonist and a book being written as part of a plot element) took a while to get moving. While this series usually grabs me and does not let go, a rather confusing series of events takes place early in the book.When a woman is murdered, the natural suspect is her boyfriend, who insists on being checked into the hospital and will not allow anyone to examine him except Kay Scarpetta. Oscar insists to Scarpetta that she knows his girlfriend, Terri, although Scarpetta has never met her. He likewise insists that his mind is being controlled by some outside force. As Oscar's physician of record, Scarpetta is bound by privilege not to share information that he gives her during the examination.Scarpetta has finally married long-time lover Benton Wesley, who is involved in the murder investigation ... which presents its own set of challenges. Ditto the involvement of a jealous forensic pathologist, an irate police officer, and Pete Marino -- the latter of whom disappears from Scarpetta's life after a steroid- and alcohol-fueled incident of violence in a previous book. Wesley helps Marino obtain a new job after he completes rehab, and that job puts him back in contact with Scarpetta.I try to avoid giving away major plot points in my reviews, because no one really likes to have their reading 'spoiled" -- especially where police procedurals are concerned. Suffice it to say that getting past the rocky and somewhat confusing beginning of this book is well worth the effort.