Will They Ever Trust Us Again?: Letters From the War Zone

Will They Ever Trust Us Again? - Michael Moore My husband bought this book when it first came out and, despite my admiration for Michael Moore's work, I had not read it up until now. This is not Moore's work, per se, but a compendium of the e-mails he received after "Fahrenheit 9/11." Service members and their loved ones write eloquently of what we now all know to be the truth: the dishonesty of the Bush administration that resulted in an unwarranted invasion of a sovereign nation.Having seen my husband's 20-year-old nephew discharged from the Marines after two tours in Fallujah -- with 100 percent disability rating due to PTSD -- I know that the Bush administration's lies cause real harm to naive young people. I spent a good deal of last year in a state of panic when I learned that someone inestimably dear to me was in Baghdad, and didn't rest easily until he was safely home.As I read these letters, I could not help wondering how many of the authors, or the authors' loved ones, made it home safely from this bungle. :-(