Thin Is the New Happy

Thin Is the New Happy - Valerie Frankel Thin is the New Happy by Val Frankel, purports to be a book on how the author conquered her body image issues.She talks about being a chubby kid whose mother enrolled her in Weight Watchers at the age of 11 and had her doing fad diets at the age of *8.* She talks about yo-yo dieting and how she hated her body. She talks about self-medicating with booze, drugs and sex to try to feel better about her body.And then, at the end, after writing about the things she did to feel better about herself ... including getting counseling about her body image issues, learning how to dress in a style that made her feel good (with advice from her former Mademoiselle magazine colleague Stacy London, who advised to only wear things that make you feel joyful) ... she writes about how delighted she is that she GOT THIN AT LAST by changing how she ate and exercising more.Um, this is not going to help a young woman with body image issues, Ms. Frankel. If you ask me, it's going to leave a young woman with the impression (despite you writing words to the contrary) that if you just eat differently and exercise you can overcome genetics. You talked about this in your book ... how you railed at your physician father and your nagging mother as an adult because size is governed a great deal about genetics. And then, you turn around and talk about changing how you eat ("steak tips on a big green salad") and how much you exercise.ARGH!!!!