I'm Not Making This Up, You Know: An Autobiography of the Queen of Musical Parody

I'm Not Making This Up, You Know: The Autobiography of the Queen of Musical Parody - Anna Russell I am very fortunate, where I live, to have access to something called the Arts Channel. This television station dedicates its programming to classical music, ballet, theatre, opera and the like. It is thanks to the Arts Channel that I was introduced to the brilliant musical parodist, Anna Russell -- specifically her 20-minute analysis (completely accurate in detail) of the plot of Wagner's "Ring Cycle."I was immediately hooked by Russell's comedic rendering and set about obtaining some recordings of her other work, which includes "How to Write Your Own Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta" (the which has completely ruined me for G&S, I must confess), and a whole series on who to tell the various types of sopranos from one another.Having become fascinated with the artist, I decided that I wanted to learn more about her. Hence, I obtained this book from the library.Russell grew up in a rather staid family, although her father was quite musical. She initially wished to become an opera singe,r but an early field hockey accident resulting in a broken nose also resulted in her voice no longer suiting her intended career. Fortunately for those of us who admire Madame Russell’s brilliant musical parodies, her classical education ultimatrely served her quite well.The book takes its readers from Russell’s childhood through her two marriages , various concert, opera and theatre performances and right up to her farewell tour in 1984. Russell’s fans will enjoy her self-deprecating, yet frank, style of writing. I learned a great deal more about this brilliant performer and recommend the book for fans of classical music.