Out of the Deep I Cry (Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Series #3)

Out of the Deep I Cry - Julia Spencer-Fleming This is the third of Julia Spencer-Fleming's novels that I have read, and she is bidding to become a new favorite author. In this particular outing, protagonists Rev. Claire Fergusson and police chief Russ Van Alstyne become entangled in a parallel investigation -- two missing men, one who disappeared in the 1930s and one who disappears in the here-and-now. All of the action starts because the church roof is leaking, and one of the vestry members is willing to surrender her family trust to have it repaired -- a trust established by a widowed mother after the Depression, and that currently funds the town's free clinic. When the clinic doctor goes missing after being threatened in his office by an anti-vaccine mother, the story really gets rolling.The tension created between the married Van Alstyne and Fergusson idue to their mutual attraction is a large part of the plot; they know that things will not work out for many reasons, and thus they are the best of friends but nothing more. The two characters are an outstanding investigative team.The book touches on bootlegging in upstate New York, as well as rumrunning from Canada during Prohibition, and describes some violent crimes and disease symptoms in a way that may disturb sensitive readers.