In Tongues of the Dead

In Tongues of the Dead - Brad Kelln "In the Tongues of the Dead" takes an Old Testament legend (the Nephilim) and combines it with an actual manuscript in Yale's Rare Books library to create an interesting tale of intrigue. The idea here is that this rare manuscript, in an alphabet no one has yet been able to decipher, is the Nephilite Book of the Dead, and if anyone should read aloud from it all kinds of calamities will occur.An autistic child on a field trip begins to read aloud from the book, which attracts the attention of the Vatican envoy stationed at Yale to watch over the manuscript. As you might imagine, all kinds of problems occur as a result.This book is well-paced and keeps the reader interested throughout. Each o the subplots and characters are well-drawn and interesting, if not entirely believable in a "reality-based" landscape.(Review based on promotional reading copy.)