Rose Labyrinth

The Rose Labyrinth - Titania Hardie With "The Rose Labyrinth," Titania Hardie enters the rather lofty ranks of Umberto Eco and Katherine Neville as she employs historical documents and personae to create a suspense story that I believe will become a classic.Modern-day descendants of Dr. John Dee find themselves hounded by a Christian Zionist/Theocratic group that believes their inherited treasures include documents that will allow them to unleash "the Rapture" and leave more moderate believers (as well as non-Christians) behind to deal with Armageddon.The book employs modern science, cabala, the writings of John Dee and [b:William Shakespeare|18135|Romeo and Juliet|William Shakespeare||3349450], and a host of other interesting clues to weave a tale that could serve as a lesson to many as the "Left Behind" theocracy becomes more popular.I would recommend this book highly to those who are interested in Tudor-era history, as well as in a more balanced and enlightened view of theology.(Review based on advance reading copy.)