Forced Out (Wheeler Hardcover)

Forced Out - Stephen W. Frey I was rather disappointed in Frey's latest outing. What should have been a truly gripping novel, with three subplots that all come together at the end, was something of a slog. The disgraced baseball scout's strained relationship with his daughter is not really explained until the final couple of chapters; there was no need, in a third-person perspective book, to wait that long. The sections concerning the mafia family were somewhat more interesting, but there was not much character development. The plot concerning the fellow hiding out from the mafia was better, but likewise needed some development. The three situations come together at the end of the book in a less-than-satisfying denoument; even the theoretical climax of the book was so shallow that I actually had to go back and re-read it to be sure of what had happened. Not Frey's best work.(Review based on Advance Reader Copy.)