Black Wolf at Rosebud - Magnolia  Belle

I've enjoyed the books about the Black Wolf brothers, their band, and their various romances. This book is about Matthew, the keyboard player, and how he meets and falls in love with Lainie Two Kettles during a visit to family members still living at Rosebud, the titular reservation.

The problem here is that Matthew's cousin, Dan, a widowed tribal police officer, is also in love with Lainie.

I have to say it: Dan acts like a creepy stalker much of the time in this story and I wanted to slap him. I didn't feel sympathetic toward him at all. In fact, I kept waiting for Lainie to really tell him off. And Matthew spends a lot of time mooning around.

Instead, she spends a lot of time hemming and hawing, going back and forth between the two men while she tries to make up her mind. She was wishy-washy about a whole lot of things, to be honest.

However ... I really did feel the chemistry between Lainie and Matthew, even while both of them were behaving like utter numbskulls.