Evocative "Echoes"

Echoes, Neo-Victorian Poetry - Janice T., Emily Thompson

"Echoes" is the first poetry chapbook I've read in a long while.  I had the great pleasure of meeting the poet/author, Janice T., during Clockwork Alchemy 2013.

"Echoes" is an interesting take on poetry; Janice T. uses varying rhyme schemes and styles to tell stories. 

Three pieces in the collection really stood out for me.  "Fox" evoked images of a little fennec, lost in the desert and trying to get home.  "1739" is the story of the Rooswijk shipwreck, discovered off the southeast coast of England by an amateur diver in 2004.  There were no known survivors of the event, and Janice T. describes the sailors' fright beautifully.  The third stand-out piece also evoked a shipwreck:  "Drowned Ship of Prey" made me think of the Andrea Gail.

Overall, it's a very good collection.  There are a few editorial issues here and there, but otherwise quite delightful.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/643670292